Jerry Can " Pre Rolls"

Sativa Pre roll:

Size: 1 x 1.0g


THC: 21-26%



These well-balanced buds allow you to unwind without fogging your brain. The experience offers a relaxed body and energetic mind.

Flavour and Taste:

These buds have a sweet and sour nose upfront, followed by pure gas. The flavour has notes of cherry followed by petrol. Hang dried, hand trimmed, and hand packed. Pure Craft.

Dominate Terpenes:

Beta-Myrcene, beta-Caryophyllene, d-Limonene

Our Jerry Can Pre-Rolls offer a unique experience, providing gas on the go with THC levels ranging from 21% to 26%. These pre-rolls are crafted with the utmost care, featuring our finest gas-powered strains cultivated at our micro facility on Vancouver Island. Each cone is meticulously hand-packed with flower that has been hang dried and slow cured to perfection.
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